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Reception - 2023-24 - RE, RG

Curriculum Letter June 2024

Look what we've been learning this half term...

Curriculum Letter April 2024

Our trip to Cannon Hall Farm


WOW what a fantastic time Reception had at Cannon Hall Farm. We loved learning about all of the different animals, even the teachers learnt some new facts. We are so proud of how Ready, Respectful and Safe the children were all day. The children enjoyed telling their grown ups all about our day and could recall several things the farmer told us about the animals and how they care for them. 


Avella "I loved the orange highland cow because it has big horns for moving the snow"

Nicholas "I liked the sheep in the Roundhouse because they were having babies"

Kelby "I liked the alpacas because they were fluffy"

Eve "We learnt that people used to ride horses when we didn't have cars"

Dolcie-Mae "We learnt that pigs roll in mud to protect their skin from the sun"

Leo "A pig can have up to 23 piglets"

Olivia "I loved it at the park!"

Zoya "The piglets were so cute"

Tommy-Lee "The baby pigs drink their mum's milk"

RG "We want to go to the farm again!"

Look what we've been learning this half term...

Curriculum Letter February 2024

Look what we've been learning this half term...

Curriculum Letter January 2024

Look what we've been learning this half term...

November Stay & Play


Today we invited parents and carers to join us in Reception for 'Stay & Play'. 

Here are just a few comments from some of those who enjoyed today's session.

Jaxon's mum, 'I've really enjoyed seeing the children together, what they do and what Jaxon likes to play with.'

Rhys' dad, 'I've enjoyed seeing him do his name and playing in the kitchen and seeing him happy. He has lots of different areas to play in.' 

Dolce-Mae's mum, 'It's good that we can come in and take part.'

Leo's mum, 'I enjoyed coming in and seeing him enjoy himself and how much his confidence has grown.'

It was lovely to see so many of you - thank you for coming - we'll see you next time!

Curriculum Letter October 2023

RE Classroom - Mrs Eccles


All of the children have settled in so well, making friends with each other, joining in with the activities and having a wonderful start to school.

In Reception we cover the 7 areas of learning. Each day the children have a phonics and a maths input. They learn through exploration of our indoor and outdoor provision areas. We also do a range of activities to support children to develop their gross and fine motor skills. 

RG Classroom - Miss Greenwood


Throughout the day in Reception, the children have the opportunity to explore in our areas of provision in both our indoor and outdoor areas.

We cover the 7 areas of learning throughout each day and build on these skills through the year.

We do various activities to support the children to improve their gross and fine motor skills.

Every morning we start with phonics then follow on with maths before we have lunch. We end each and every day with a story.

Curriculum Letter September 2023