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Year 2 - 2023-24 - 2G, 2R

Curriculum Letter February 2024

Look what we've been learning this half term...

Curriculum Letter January 2024

Look what we've been learning this half term...

Learning Independent Life Skills


In Science and PHSE we have been learning how to take care of ourselves. We had a visit from a Senior Dental Nurse who taught us all about how to take care of our teeth. We each got a new toothbrush and used them to practise brushing our gums and teeth in a circular motion. We also brushed our tongue. We used a song to help us brush for two minutes. Now we know how to do this on our own!

Special Visitors in Year 2!


In science we have been learning about how humans change from babies to adults. Today we had a special visitor in our class. We learnt all about how to look after a baby and what they need to survive. 

Curriculum Letter October 2023

2G Classroom - Mrs Gale

2R Classroom - Miss Roberts-Harland

Curriculum Letter September 2023