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A visit from the 'Plumber Drummer' - FARFIELD CHILDREN CAN feel the rhythm!



This afternoon, we had a very special musical treat, The Plummer Drummer!


Nathan explained how he created his unique instrument and how it makes different notes. He uses different lengths of pipes and flips flops to create the sound. He played us some original songs, we then clapped along and played guess the song!


The children were curious and asked questions to find out more about how he creates the music and how he feels playing in front of people.


Here is what the children had to say about their experience:

Nemat (Y6) - I enjoyed how he played and created the songs by replacing it in his own way.

Millie (Y5) - I liked how he’s practised for years and all the work he’s put in to make us happy!

Bobby (Y4) - I really liked the songs he did because he did some new and old songs that I recognised.

Henry-Lee (Y3) - I liked it because the music was very different but I knew the songs he was playing.