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FARFIELD CHILDREN CAN explain the importance of myHappymind at Farfield Primary & Nursery School

In November we received an email from myHappymind with the details of how to enter their Team H-A-Ppy Christmas Competition. To enter on behalf of Farfield Primary & Nursery School we challenged our Happiness Heroes to create a video explaining why myHappymind is important to our School. As myHappymind also asked to hear from parents, we extended our challenge to our families too. 

Although we didn't win the main prize, Andre, Kason, Albert, Casey-Leigh, Kaytee and Millie did a brilliant job of explaining how important myHappymind is to Farfield. 

Additionally, Layla and Skyla made videos explaining how they use what they learn from myHappymind at home. Their mum also said: 

'I'm so amazed at the things my children have come home telling me about what they have learnt in myHappymind. They have also taught me things. I didn't know that your hippocampus was the part of your brain that keeps all your memories, as Skyla told me, it's like your memory scrapbook. If I ask her something she will just say, 'wait while I check my hippocampus'. 

I am so grateful of the calming techniques, happy breathing - finger breathing, as I've noticed a big change in their moods especially at home. If they begin to get wound up and upset they use breathing techniques and then come back all calm and relaxed. 

I think it's amazing how it has been taught to the children in school as it has made such an impact on my children and they understand it a lot. Even if I'm struggling and a little wound up, they will talk about myHappymind and tell me to try the breathing or to think about nice times we have had together.

For it to make my children want to explore it more and help others use it, it must be taught in a way that even youngsters can connect with so they understand the importance of having A HAPPY MIND.

Thank you so much for all you have done.'


Thanks to the hard work of all our entrants, Farfield was awarded a Highly Commended Award and our certificate and Festive Fred have now taken centre stage on out myHappymind display.