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The day the DINOSAURS came to school - a visit from TeachRex - FARFIELD CHILDREN CAN experience ROARSOME things!

Over the last two days, a dinosaur – yes an actual dinosaur – has visited Farfield Primary and Nursery School!

Children have had the chance to meet Jam, a young T-Rex. Our younger children also had a visit to their classrooms from some baby dinosaurs. It has been a very exciting end to our work on our whole school book ‘The Girl and the Dinosaur’. Children learnt a lot about how these terrific creatures lived from Jam’s friend, Sam. Sam explained how T-Rex’s would hunt and what their bodies were adapted for. Did you know that scientists believe that T-Rex might have had feathers? The huge 'Tyrant Lizard King' also used its long tail to balance.

The children in Nursery had an amazing experience meeting Jam and the baby dinosaurs - Sam and Jam made the children feel safe and involved throughout. The children were so excited to tell their grown-ups all about them:

“I lied down and it tickled my tummy!” - Jahan

“He tried to eat me!” - Keevan

“It was a T-Rex. His name is Jam. He was cute!” – Neave


Other children in school were as equally enthralled by Jam.


“I enjoyed it because Jam the T-Rex was big and did lots of silly things!”

“I loved going on the green screen because it was like we were in a movie!”

“I liked it because we learnt lots of facts about dinosaurs.”


It is safe to say that Jam (and Sam) have been very well received at Farfield and the children really have had a ROARsome time!

*No teachers were hurt in the making of these T-Rex-ific memories!