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FARFIELD CHILDREN CAN be Mathematicians!


Today was our MATHS DAY and it's been MARVELLOUS!

The children and adults came to school dressed in numbers, spots, stripes, shapes, there was even a domino! All of children have taken part in a day full of fun maths activities. There have been timestable battles, problems to solve and puzzles to explore. The children have shown their excellent teamwork and problem solving skills throughout the day.


We would like to keep the maths going at home by sharing an app your child can use. As a school we follow White Rose Maths and you can download their 1 Minute Maths app for free. The app is great practise for children in all year groups. In early maths we really focus on developing the children’s subitising (being able to recognise how many of something without having to count them) with numbers up to 5. There are some lovely quick opportunities to practise this on the app. There's also addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with appropriate challenge for all children in school. You can take a look at the website here or just search it in your app store. Just 1 minute every school day on the app each week in the school year would be an extra 3 hours of maths practise for your child!


Thank you for all your support with our maths day. As it is also Children's Mental Health Week, the money donated today will be sent to 'Youth In Mind' in support of children's mental health.