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Farfield Primary and Nursery School

FARFIELD CHILDREN CAN be Sparkly Stars and be awarded the ⭐GOLDEN STAR⭐!

All staff and visitors continue to nominate children to receive a 'Sparkly Star'. Children are nominated for our green star for being 'Ready', our red star for being 'Respectful' and our blue star for being 'Safe'. Each week, Mrs Nichols reads all of the nominations and chooses one Sparkly Star from EYs and KS1 and one from KS2...and sometimes she chooses more!

For those children who are awarded all three of the Sparkly Stars, they are given the extra special ⭐GOLDEN SPARKLY STAR⭐ in recognition of this amazing achievement. This term ⭐Amelia⭐ has been awarded her Golden Sparkly Star, she is only the second child to achieve this!

Congratulations to all of the children who have been nominated - those listed in the table pictured below. 

Ready Stars were awarded to: Keyhan (RG), Arlie-Joe (1H), Sienna (2R), Franky-Joe (3Y), Amelia (6B), Lily (6C), Macey (6C), Ronnie (6C), Teya (6G).

Respectful Stars were awarded to: Isla-Mae (RE), Leo (RG), Elsa-Rae (1H), Tony (1H), Mitchell (1H), Elizabeth (2G), Maddison (2G), Lyla (3W), Alex (3Y), Eban (4M), Noah (5S) Amelia (6B), Elzbeth (6C), Ava-Rose (6G).

Safe Stars were awarded to: Daniel (RE), Joe (RE), Eve (RG), Junior (1H), Chloe (2G), Callum (5S), Mathew (5S), Aaqif (6B), Amelia (6B), Oliver (6B), Connor (6C), Riley (6G)

A special well done to all the children who received a Sparkly Star in the Spring term.