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FARFIELD CHILDREN CAN explain how their brain works!

Throughout the first half term of 2023, all of our children have completed the 'Meet Your Brain' module of myHappymind. This module teaches the children to understand how their brain works and how to ensure they look after it so that they can manage their emotions and be at their best. Growth mindset is a key part of this too. At the end of the module, each class teacher chose someone who had really shone in their sessions, to receive a special certificate from Miss Mann to celebrate this. 

Congratulations to Eve & Allan in Reception, Mitchell & Skyla in Year 1, Willow & Connor in Year 2, Husnain & Henry-Lee in Year 3, Layla & Mikey in Year 4 Logan & Oliver in Year 5 and Noah, Ebony & Theodora in Year 6. 

Families have proudly told us that children also share their myHappymind learning at home and two of these children are great examples of this. As well as their certificates, Skyla and Layla received the Meet Your Brain mascots, Bertie and Betty, to keep! These were kindly donated to school by the founder of myHappymind, Laura Ernshaw. Layla's thanks will be shared with Laura too!


We asked some of children about the Meet Your Brain module, this is what they said:

Do you enjoy myHappymind sessions?


What have you learnt during the Meet Your Brain Module?

‘Even though we have bad thoughts sometimes, you can tell someone you trust to help you.’ Andre (Y6)

‘Team H-A-P! They help you stay calm and make good choices when they work together.’ Albert (Y6)

‘I have learnt that if someone makes you happy, that releases dopamine.’ Kason (Y5)

When have you used Happy Breathing?

‘When someone was being mean, I controlled myself by doing some Happy Breathing.’ Albert (Y6)

‘I use Happy Breathing when the fire alarm goes off – I get stressed thinking there might be a fire.’ Millie-Grace (Y5)

‘If my siblings are annoying me or I feel stressed when I’m ‘Play Leading’.’ Andre (Y6)

When have you had a Neuroplasticity moment?

‘Public speaking – the more I do it, the more I do it, the better I get. It’s the same with my drills at rugby.’ Andre (Y6)

‘In maths we pracitse finding common factors and the more I do that the bettr I get at it.’ Millie-Grace (Y5)