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myHappymind - Celebrate - what our children think


The children have now completed the second module of myHappymind – Celebrate.

We asked what they had learnt through the Celebrate sessions, here are some of the things they said:

‘There are more strengths that you can have than you think there are, so you can be using more than one at a time.’ (Andre Y5)

‘We can be good friends, work together and never fight.’ (Isaac, Hannah, Ivan RP)

We asked the children if they knew what their strengths were, here are some of the things they said:

‘I’m a good friend, I help people when they fall over’ (Ronnie RP)

‘I’m honest, I always tell the truth.’ (Mila Y1)

‘Bravery and teamwork’ (Abdullah Y4)

‘Creativity, perseverance, zest and teamwork.’ (Eloise Y6)

We asked the children to describe a time they had used their strengths, here are some of the things they said:

‘I’m a good friend - when my friends are a bit upset I tell the teachers. If people have no one to play with I ask if they want to play with me or someone else.’ (Rosie-Leigh Y2)

‘At scouts someone knocked into me and I fell into the fire extinguisher and I only cried medium so I was brave, just like when my horse cantered away back to the stables, I was brave then too.’ (Layla Y3)

I used leadership when we went against the year 6s in football, I got everyone in a group to talk about what we should do and tactics.’ (Andre Y5)