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Plumber Drummer

Key Stage 2 had a visit from the Plumber Drummer today. They enjoyed the performance, finding out how the sound is made and being able to ask questions. 

The Plumber Drummer plays a series of pipes that make different sounds. Some make longer sounds and some shorter. The deeper sounds are made by the longer pipes as the vibration has further to travel. It can make 18 different notes and is built like a piano. 

How do you make songs? 

I improvise, I make it up and use my creativity combining the pieces I like and which sound good together.

How long did it take to build?

This one took 4 weeks. My first one took over 2 months though. I've slowly got better and better at building them.

How do you make the different sounds?

I can make a different sound with the tambourine on my feet. Kahong with a snare at the top and bass drum at the bottom. The foot peddle helps me play the rhythms. This means I can play solo and play without any electrics.