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TREE-mendous tree planting!

On Thursday 3rd March we had a tree-mendous opportunity to do some planting across school. This was part of Bradford Council's "Tree for Every Child" project which aims to plant 55,000 trees - the equivalent of one tree per primary school child - over a two year period.


First of all Miss Greenwood's Reception class helped to plant three large cherry trees along the drive. They learnt all about the root systems and had a chance to compare how the bark and soil felt before helping to heave them into position.


Then some children from Y4, 5 and 6 had the chance to plant a variety of young trees (or whips as we found out they are called before growing any sideway branches). They learnt how to safely use a spade and how best to plant the whips before putting hazel, willow, apple and silver birch trees at the top of the field.


Even though it was a rather wet and rainy afternoon, everyone had lots of fun and we look forward to seeing our new trees grow over the coming years.