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World of Work Days - STEM

In the first week of November, the whole school from Nursery to Year 6 took part in World of Work days. A huge range of volunteers visited the children from a wide range of careers including Marketing & Communication, Insurance, Construction, Environment Wardens, First Aid, Banking, Rail, RSPCA, Radiation Physics and Farming! Below is just some of what the children said they had learnt and enjoyed...

Covea Insurance - We learnt this is needed to protect ourselves. We liked the role play and talking about our pets.

Environment & Farming - We learnt that you have to get up at 5am to milk cows but that not every farm has animals. We liked finding out about getting the milk from the cows and how to make butter and cream.

Radiation Physics - We learnt about how x-rays work. We learnt all about John's career and all the countries he visited for research. 

CRL Rail - We learnt that there are lots of jobs to do with the rail. We liked the dressing up the most!

Flat Stan First Aid - We learnt how to help and to call 999. We liked practising on Flat Stan and learning lots about the body.

Together Housing Marketing & Communication - We learnt about how things on the internet can't always be trusted. We liked the interviewing we did. 

Robertson Construction - We learnt that it can sometimes be a dangerous job and you have to be safe. We liked working together as a team. 

Arnold Laver - We learnt about what wood is used for and how it is used. We liked finding out about all the things that can be made like sheds.

Kier Construction - We learnt that construction involves teamwork and hard work. We liked building with the spaghetti and using the marshmallow as our cement! 

RSPCA - We learnt that you have to have a house check before getting and animal. We liked finding out about the RSPCA and what they do. 

YBS - We learnt lots of new vocabulary like budget, profit and fix cost. We liked planning the party.

Environment Wardens - We learnt that the officers have a camera and can issue fines. We liked joining in with them and litter picking.